Website Products

Our Packages offer great value for money and can be upgraded to include more advanced pages at any time.


 Website Packages
MiniSite Package

£295  US$426  CAD$452

Standard Package

From £495  US$716  CAD$759

Small Business Package From
£795  US$1150  CAD$1220
Enterprise Packages From
£795  US$1150  CAD$1220

 Site Updating

The need to update your site is inevitable if only to keep the site looking fresh. However, in
some cases your sites’ main purpose may be to promote event dates. Therefore updates are part and parcel of your sites life and should be factored into your budget. Prices below are based on a 3 page website.

Minor Update Free
Medium Update From
£95  US$137  CAD$145
Major Content Update i.e. All pages of the site are affected From
£195  US$282  CAD$299
This does not refer to any design changes made prior to publishing which are of course part of our service. However businesses and ideas change and while your site may have suited your plans last year you may have had a completely new idea today.Therefore rather than have a whole new site developed we could give the existing site a whole new look.
Redesign of an existing site

From £195  US$282  CAD$299

  Addition of a Forum
Forums are a great way to add stickiness to a site. They enable interaction between visitors to your site and also enable you to respond to them in an open way and add content.
Forums can become a valuable resource/transfer of information.
Click here to see an example of a phpbb forum in action
Add a Forum to one of our website design packages.

From £295  US$426  CAD$452

 Hosting Renewal
With all our BigSite design packages you will receive 12 months website hosting. Prior to your hosting expiry date we will contact you and ask if you wish to continue hosting
your site with us or allow our hosting to lapse.
If you wish to continue hosting your website with us and enjoy uninterrupted service then please purchase from the list below, the appropriate Hosting Renewal for your package.
Bizcard & Minisite Package Hosting Renewal – 1 year £50  US$72  CAD$76
Standard Package Hosting Renewal – 1 year £75  US$108  CAD$115
Small Business Package Hosting Renewal – 1 year £95  US$137  CAD$145
Enterprise Package Hosting Renewal – 1 year £125-£225  US$180-$325 CAD$191-$345
Logo Design From £49  US$70  CAD$75